My First Day at the CTM in Sâo Paolo, Brazil

1st Day at CTM en Brazil

Ola familia!

They are letting us briefly write our family to let you know that I made it to Sao Paulo safely! I am here, safe and sound, at the CTM. Sister Packard and I have been up since 5:30 am on Tuesday morning, and we got here around 6 am today. SUCH a long flight, seriously. I thought the 3 and half hours were long going to Atlanta, but boy oh boy, that had nothing on the 9 hour flight to Brazil. By the way, Mom and Dad, did you get a picture of me from the sister I was sitting next to on the plane to Atlanta? She asked for your email and we took a selfie, so, yeah, that was nice of her! And yeah, Sister Packard and I basically spent the whole 24 hours talking, so pretty much know eachother so well by now, that we are really excited that we got to be assigned to be companions here!!! Makes me feel so much better having her around, shes pretty great. It was also fun finally being in the “real world” with our tags, and we traveled together 2 by 2, so it felt legit. Unforunately I dont have any cool pass along cards stories, because I basically sat next to members and then this old Brazilian woman who was asleep most of the time haha.

Also getting out of the airport was interesting. We totally had to trust these people with the signs and putting us in cars and taking our luggage, that spoke Portuguese. Act of faith, Id say!

Theres a lot of latino missionaries here in the CTM from Latin America. LOTS of Spanish speakers, that Im able to talk to, but Im part of the American missionaries here. Interesting mix huh? Theyre new so their Portuguese isnt down, but I dont know if I speak Spanish to them or what or just English, haha. Still, Im definitely going to try hard to get to know everyone!

Sao Paulo feels like Bogota, haha, big latin american city, with a lot of mopeds, bad traffic, and fenced houses. But, its all in Portuguese, which is cool and really different, but Im determined to understand it. The accent and speed that they speed is definitely different!

So far, so good, and Im excited. The Provo MTC was great and spiritual and awesome, but I have high hopes for this CTM. Its got nicer rooms than our residence halls in Provo actually! But it is smaller, still, the church is the same everywhere and so is the spirit. Ive only been here a few hours so I dont know a whole lot, but I have a feeling that its gonna be great!

Anyway, thats about it. Cant send pictures while Im here apparently, so itll have to be in a few weeks when Im in the field. Sorry about that!

Love you!!!

Sister Sanabria


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