Week 6, And I am in Teresina!

Well, folks, Im out in the field, in Teresina,here in Brazil. Ba-boom!

My first area is Cidade de Jardim. So, pretty much still in the city of Teresina. Didnt have to move far at all. My trainer is Sister Ferragi. Shes from Sao Paulo, and shes very funny, very weird, very great, and very helpful. I cant really complain! Tender mercy she is.

It is just as sunny, rural, and as hot as they all say it would be. The mantra mission scripture is Job 30:30.. seriously about as true as it gets, haha.
Well, what can I say? Mission is tough stuff, Im not going to lie, this week was super hard. You walk all day in the hot sun, and I could barely understand the people here, their accent is VERY different from the clear CTM vocab and people I had gotten used to. People speak fast, different, and dont have too much education. The culture is way different, you have half naked kids and people everywhere, its pretty great!
Haha, but despite it all, I am enjoying it. The food is great, you get fed a lot, and yes, rice and beans every single meal. Also just about every flavor of fruit juice ever.  The people are also very open, so we get tons of contacts and investigators to keep track of. Its a little intimidating, but Im trying my hardest to learn it all.
Everyone says my Portugese is very good for an American. Which is nice news, but I still cant understand a word that the bishop here says! Haha. Its been a real humbling experience though. I have to really rely on the Lord and the Spirit if Im going to be the missionary that these people require.
We also live with our sister training leaders, Sister Almedia, whos as tall as an Amazon princess and looks like one too, shes from Recife, and Sister Pereira, whos from Sao Paulo. Yep, all Brazilians! My life is Portuguese. Just as expected, haha. But theyre all VERY nice.
Ive been reminded over and over again to have patience. And with myself at that. The mission is going to require so much of me, that its a little overwhelming.
But Ive also never been closer to the Lord. The Spirit IS the comforter. After a terrifying first day, I prayed harder and read the Book of Mormon, and I somehow made it to the end of the day. And I did feel better, and Im a little more confident every day.
Well, folks, I forgot my camera, but maybe I´ll be able to send some pictures later today.
Love you all!
Sister Sanabria

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