Week 7, 2nd Week in the Field…Sickness and Rashes but BAPTISM!


Oiii loved ones!

Sorry about the lack of pictures lately. These computers are full of viruses so Im still trying to find a way without having all of my pictures wiped. Eventually, I promise!
Well, this week was better. Im getting used to things, and Im learning a lot every day. We had zone conference this past Tuesday. Really good stuff! Our mission’s focus is on families. And every time Presidente speaks, its just a spiritual gold mine. Even though I felt awkward amongst all these missionaries who know what theyre doing, my zone is pretty nice and great, and the whole meeting just renewed my “ganas” to do more and be better.
On the other side of things, I got sick this week! Oh noes. It basically sucked, but dont you worry Mom, my companion is as concerned as a mother hen, and Im much better now. You also get the weirdest rashes here and Im tanning so fast its ridiculous.But you know what? The physical challenges arent even close to being the hardest.
Ive never prayed so hard in my life. And its amazing how much of an actual, literal comfort it can be. When you have the Lord on your side, you really can do all things.
A few other fun things..
We met a lady whose first name, I kid you not, is Leidi Daiana (pronounced Lady Diana). We taught her the first lesson, but all she did was talk about how she couldnt sleep and shes on some heavy controlled meds. Shes pretty fantastic.
Personal space basically doesnt exist. I thought I was Latin and used to it, but Brazilians here take it to a whole notha level. Ive gotten so many sloppy sweaty kisses from old ladies, its the best.
But you know what? Its amazing how it doesnt even matter. Im doing my best to embrace their culture.
My trainer is great, shes very funny, very weird, VERY open, but also very helpful haha.
We had splits this past week too! I went with my STL, Sister Almeida, who lives with us too, and while I was first nervous to basically be out on my own, and I got lost so many times, I actually grew alot frmo it. Im teaching better and Im speaking more. Slowly, but surely. She was also very helpful and shes just hilarious as a person, so that definitely helped!
Ive also tried a bunch of cool new fruit that look like they belong in outer space. Yummy stuff!
And of course the best part, we had a baptism! Her name is Tiane and she´s 10 years old and part of a recent convert family. But shes very sweet. The only problem is she didnt show up on church on Sunday, so she hasnt been confirmed yet! Haha, my trainer was a lot more stresseda bout it than me, but Im just laughing it off. Until next Sunday I guess!
Well thats it for now. Thank you for all your love and encouragement, it means the world!
Sister Sanabria

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