Week 8, Officially 2 Months In…Confirmation, Crazies, but Blessings, woo hoo!


I´ve lost track of how many weeks/days/and whatnot that I´ve been in the mission field, but its already officially 2 MONTHS as a missionary for me. Which is totally unfair considering I feel like I just got here, but I guess that´s the mission in a nutshell for you.

Well, Taiane got confirmed yesterday! Which was a huge relief. She fell the day before and hurt her foot pretty bad, so my compa and I were pretty worried if she was going to make it to sacrament meeting. But, they made it, and shes all official a member and baptized now. Woo hoo!
In other news, I got sick again this week hahahaha. This time some major stomach trouble that kept me inside for 2 whole days. Dont know if it was water or food or too much food or what, but Brazil is hitting me hard. But it´s so good! Hahaha. I keep wanting to run every morning and my trainer is hating me for it. Gotta keep up the strength ya know!
I also saw a huge pig walking along the road yesterday and I wish I couldve taken a picture without the fear of getting mugged. But it was as big as a bathtub!
My trainer also told me she has the biggest problem of attracting crazy people, or “doidos”. They seriously brighten up my day. Like Lady Daiana, hahaha. And then there´s this other lady who believes in a sun god, squeals like a little girl, and then a guy who´s been going to our church since 1984 but is kinda crazy and believes hes a detective with a secret codes on his watch and looks like a turtle, and then another lady who just repeats everything we say. We cant really teach them for long, but they its fun to think about when we need to laugh, haha. So many interesting people!!
But on the blessings bright side of things, there was this woman, Patricia, that we met last week. We taught her the Restoration, and she is just SO GOOD. The spirit was so strong in our lesson. We has just gotten out of a lesson with another woman who completely didnt want anything to do with the Book of Mormon. I was feeling discouraged and unsure, but sure thing, you never know who is ready. And Patricia was so much more open and willing to read and listen to our message. So we will see! I have good feelings about this week coming up.
And thats about it. In our district meeting, we talked about prayer. And just as a challenge, read Enos this week, and think about if your prayers are really reaching the heavens, as my district leader likes to ask. Theres a reason why we pray on our knees, first and last thing every day, and in a reverent quite place. We can talk with GOD! And He answers our prayers.
Ahh, mission is good stuff everyone. Ive never felt more dependant on the Lord IN MY LIFE! He is real, He loves us, and He really does HELP.
Love you all, your words are such an encouragement, and I hope you´re all doing well.
Sister Sanabria

And now some overdue pictures!


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