Week 9: 2 Months and a Week In the Mish

Biggest thing that happened was zone conference, woo hoo! And stake conference. And in general, the conferences dont end, haha. Its pretty great.

I cant believe Camila is on her last week on the mission! I feel so new and unexperienced still, still trying to learn everything as fast as I can. Everyone says that once you feel like you know what youre doing and youre a missionary with “poder” thats when youre about to go home. Haha, so unfair!

Random moment of the week… a contact we made on a street with this crazy guy Roberto who scared my trainer because he was walking behind us with a tree branch. We walked with him to his house, and his mom was there, but she was mute, so she just kept making these noises and then slammed the door in front of us. Haha I love this place!
Zone conference was great. President went over Alma 5 and the Doutrina de Cristo, of course, and it was really good. Every single thing can all be brought down to the Doctrine of Christ, and how we all need to apply it more in our lives.
I dont have too much to day this time around, only that Im tanning really really fast, the mission is hard but its great, Im learning tons, and the church is true, haha!
Oh, and we have a marcado! With this lady Valmira. Shes great, so heres hoping all goes well and she gets baptized in 2 weeks.
Love you all, hope all is well, thank you for your letters!
Sister Sanabria

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