Week 10, B-R-O is Here


It is September, or SetemBRO, that is THE hottest month here in Teresina, and also the start to the hottest months of the year that all end in “bro”. So, if anyone thought it was hot before, it only gets sunnier and hotter, haha! Ive already tanned so much, Im kind of scared to think about how dark Im gonna get by the end of the year, much less the end of my mission!
Well, the mission is being good. The sisters I live with are basically hilarious. Im definitely learning to let loose with them around, because theyre just about the most OPEN and fun people Ive met yet. Reminds me of Chile! Seriously, my trainer just about announces everything, like, TMI isnt a thing at all here.
We had ANOTHER zone meeting this past week! This transfer seems to just be full of them, but theyre great, I really like my zone and I learn a lot. A few new rules too, like NO coca cola at all now. My trainer just about died when President announced it (she has a bit of a love affair with Coke.. like she has a giant poster of a bottle of it in our house, just to emphasize. When I say she LOVES it, she loves it).
I also shared my arrival testimony finally too, at the zone meeting. Everyone says I dont look American at all (big news there) and that my Portuguese is pretty good. Which is nice to hear! Theres only like 2 other American sisters in our whole mission.
The work is going good, we found a good few new investigators this past week, and my hopes are definitely high. This is the last week of the transfer though, and most likely Ill be getting a new compa. Wondering who it will be!
Thats about it. Lesson of the week t was definitely that Charity is both a GIFT that we must consistently pray and ask for, as well as a CHOICE. Just like faith, it must be planted and nurtered for constantly. But its possible! Im loving my companion more, the people more, and things are getting easier.
Love you all, prayers all around!
Sister Sanabria

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