Week 12, Sep 21, Like How I´m keeping count?

Oiii familia! I added a bunch of you to my email list now.. so sorry I didnt before, I really rush the email time.

Well, my new companion who will be finishing my training is Sister Maria! Shes a Brazilian from the south, and whes a little older, and more experienced, so its definitely different from Sister Ferragi, who was about as crazy as it gets. But we are working tons, so its good!
I have lots of good feelings for this next transfer as far as the work goes. We are finding lots of people and families, and I can just smell the baptisms!
Teresina is getting hotter as promised. I hear horror stories about how missionaries have veins pop in their head because of the heat.. hahaha, no that I want you to worry, Mom! Many people use umbrellas right in the sun because its so forte.
Theres not much else to say this week, but I hope you are all well, safe, sound, and doing good! I read 2 Nephi 26 today… good stuff. Christs arms are ALWAYS open for those willing to accept His gospel.
Love you all!
Sister Sanabria

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