Week 13, Sep 28, Blessings All around!

Oii everybody!

So, this week was full of challenges and blessings and all those great things that come with a mission. My companion is really different from me, but we are learning together, and the biggest lesson yet has been that when you really put in your maximum, the Lord is just waiting to pour out His promised blessings.
Example being, yesterday! We had 5 investigators show up at church, which was so great. Two of them we had to go and fetch. Seriously, it was fifteen minutes until sacrament meeting, and we make a phone call and do a last minute split with some members, as we go and book it to go pick them up in time. There I am, speed walking down the street like a real missionary, sweating and praying that Maria (the investigator I was going to get) would be ready in time. She lives quite some ways away from the chapel, so I really had no idea what the outcome would be, but as I turned the corner, there she was, smiling, sunglasses on, pushing a stroller down a heck of a busy street where cars, scooters and buses were passing by. She brought her neighbor too, and we all made it in time during the opening hymn.
But thats not all. Let me just tell you about Maria. Shes 21, a single mom, her baby is around a month old, and she never cared about religion much in her life. But she LOVED church. She stayed all three hours. She wants to keep going. She wants to keep learning. and I just thanked the Lord so hard for blessing us with these people who are just ready for this gospel.
Also, how about General Conference coming up?? SO excited to find out who the 3 new apostles will be!
Hope youre all well and happy,
Pictures coming up!
Sister Sanabria

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