Week 13, Sep 28, Blessings All around!

Oii everybody!

So, this week was full of challenges and blessings and all those great things that come with a mission. My companion is really different from me, but we are learning together, and the biggest lesson yet has been that when you really put in your maximum, the Lord is just waiting to pour out His promised blessings.
Example being, yesterday! We had 5 investigators show up at church, which was so great. Two of them we had to go and fetch. Seriously, it was fifteen minutes until sacrament meeting, and we make a phone call and do a last minute split with some members, as we go and book it to go pick them up in time. There I am, speed walking down the street like a real missionary, sweating and praying that Maria (the investigator I was going to get) would be ready in time. She lives quite some ways away from the chapel, so I really had no idea what the outcome would be, but as I turned the corner, there she was, smiling, sunglasses on, pushing a stroller down a heck of a busy street where cars, scooters and buses were passing by. She brought her neighbor too, and we all made it in time during the opening hymn.
But thats not all. Let me just tell you about Maria. Shes 21, a single mom, her baby is around a month old, and she never cared about religion much in her life. But she LOVED church. She stayed all three hours. She wants to keep going. She wants to keep learning. and I just thanked the Lord so hard for blessing us with these people who are just ready for this gospel.
Also, how about General Conference coming up?? SO excited to find out who the 3 new apostles will be!
Hope youre all well and happy,
Pictures coming up!
Sister Sanabria

Week 12, Sep 21, Like How I´m keeping count?

Oiii familia! I added a bunch of you to my email list now.. so sorry I didnt before, I really rush the email time.

Well, my new companion who will be finishing my training is Sister Maria! Shes a Brazilian from the south, and whes a little older, and more experienced, so its definitely different from Sister Ferragi, who was about as crazy as it gets. But we are working tons, so its good!
I have lots of good feelings for this next transfer as far as the work goes. We are finding lots of people and families, and I can just smell the baptisms!
Teresina is getting hotter as promised. I hear horror stories about how missionaries have veins pop in their head because of the heat.. hahaha, no that I want you to worry, Mom! Many people use umbrellas right in the sun because its so forte.
Theres not much else to say this week, but I hope you are all well, safe, sound, and doing good! I read 2 Nephi 26 today… good stuff. Christs arms are ALWAYS open for those willing to accept His gospel.
Love you all!
Sister Sanabria

Week 10, B-R-O is Here


It is September, or SetemBRO, that is THE hottest month here in Teresina, and also the start to the hottest months of the year that all end in “bro”. So, if anyone thought it was hot before, it only gets sunnier and hotter, haha! Ive already tanned so much, Im kind of scared to think about how dark Im gonna get by the end of the year, much less the end of my mission!
Well, the mission is being good. The sisters I live with are basically hilarious. Im definitely learning to let loose with them around, because theyre just about the most OPEN and fun people Ive met yet. Reminds me of Chile! Seriously, my trainer just about announces everything, like, TMI isnt a thing at all here.
We had ANOTHER zone meeting this past week! This transfer seems to just be full of them, but theyre great, I really like my zone and I learn a lot. A few new rules too, like NO coca cola at all now. My trainer just about died when President announced it (she has a bit of a love affair with Coke.. like she has a giant poster of a bottle of it in our house, just to emphasize. When I say she LOVES it, she loves it).
I also shared my arrival testimony finally too, at the zone meeting. Everyone says I dont look American at all (big news there) and that my Portuguese is pretty good. Which is nice to hear! Theres only like 2 other American sisters in our whole mission.
The work is going good, we found a good few new investigators this past week, and my hopes are definitely high. This is the last week of the transfer though, and most likely Ill be getting a new compa. Wondering who it will be!
Thats about it. Lesson of the week t was definitely that Charity is both a GIFT that we must consistently pray and ask for, as well as a CHOICE. Just like faith, it must be planted and nurtered for constantly. But its possible! Im loving my companion more, the people more, and things are getting easier.
Love you all, prayers all around!
Sister Sanabria

Week 9: 2 Months and a Week In the Mish

Biggest thing that happened was zone conference, woo hoo! And stake conference. And in general, the conferences dont end, haha. Its pretty great.

I cant believe Camila is on her last week on the mission! I feel so new and unexperienced still, still trying to learn everything as fast as I can. Everyone says that once you feel like you know what youre doing and youre a missionary with “poder” thats when youre about to go home. Haha, so unfair!

Random moment of the week… a contact we made on a street with this crazy guy Roberto who scared my trainer because he was walking behind us with a tree branch. We walked with him to his house, and his mom was there, but she was mute, so she just kept making these noises and then slammed the door in front of us. Haha I love this place!
Zone conference was great. President went over Alma 5 and the Doutrina de Cristo, of course, and it was really good. Every single thing can all be brought down to the Doctrine of Christ, and how we all need to apply it more in our lives.
I dont have too much to day this time around, only that Im tanning really really fast, the mission is hard but its great, Im learning tons, and the church is true, haha!
Oh, and we have a marcado! With this lady Valmira. Shes great, so heres hoping all goes well and she gets baptized in 2 weeks.
Love you all, hope all is well, thank you for your letters!
Sister Sanabria

Week 8, Officially 2 Months In…Confirmation, Crazies, but Blessings, woo hoo!


I´ve lost track of how many weeks/days/and whatnot that I´ve been in the mission field, but its already officially 2 MONTHS as a missionary for me. Which is totally unfair considering I feel like I just got here, but I guess that´s the mission in a nutshell for you.

Well, Taiane got confirmed yesterday! Which was a huge relief. She fell the day before and hurt her foot pretty bad, so my compa and I were pretty worried if she was going to make it to sacrament meeting. But, they made it, and shes all official a member and baptized now. Woo hoo!
In other news, I got sick again this week hahahaha. This time some major stomach trouble that kept me inside for 2 whole days. Dont know if it was water or food or too much food or what, but Brazil is hitting me hard. But it´s so good! Hahaha. I keep wanting to run every morning and my trainer is hating me for it. Gotta keep up the strength ya know!
I also saw a huge pig walking along the road yesterday and I wish I couldve taken a picture without the fear of getting mugged. But it was as big as a bathtub!
My trainer also told me she has the biggest problem of attracting crazy people, or “doidos”. They seriously brighten up my day. Like Lady Daiana, hahaha. And then there´s this other lady who believes in a sun god, squeals like a little girl, and then a guy who´s been going to our church since 1984 but is kinda crazy and believes hes a detective with a secret codes on his watch and looks like a turtle, and then another lady who just repeats everything we say. We cant really teach them for long, but they its fun to think about when we need to laugh, haha. So many interesting people!!
But on the blessings bright side of things, there was this woman, Patricia, that we met last week. We taught her the Restoration, and she is just SO GOOD. The spirit was so strong in our lesson. We has just gotten out of a lesson with another woman who completely didnt want anything to do with the Book of Mormon. I was feeling discouraged and unsure, but sure thing, you never know who is ready. And Patricia was so much more open and willing to read and listen to our message. So we will see! I have good feelings about this week coming up.
And thats about it. In our district meeting, we talked about prayer. And just as a challenge, read Enos this week, and think about if your prayers are really reaching the heavens, as my district leader likes to ask. Theres a reason why we pray on our knees, first and last thing every day, and in a reverent quite place. We can talk with GOD! And He answers our prayers.
Ahh, mission is good stuff everyone. Ive never felt more dependant on the Lord IN MY LIFE! He is real, He loves us, and He really does HELP.
Love you all, your words are such an encouragement, and I hope you´re all doing well.
Sister Sanabria

And now some overdue pictures!


Week 7, 2nd Week in the Field…Sickness and Rashes but BAPTISM!


Oiii loved ones!

Sorry about the lack of pictures lately. These computers are full of viruses so Im still trying to find a way without having all of my pictures wiped. Eventually, I promise!
Well, this week was better. Im getting used to things, and Im learning a lot every day. We had zone conference this past Tuesday. Really good stuff! Our mission’s focus is on families. And every time Presidente speaks, its just a spiritual gold mine. Even though I felt awkward amongst all these missionaries who know what theyre doing, my zone is pretty nice and great, and the whole meeting just renewed my “ganas” to do more and be better.
On the other side of things, I got sick this week! Oh noes. It basically sucked, but dont you worry Mom, my companion is as concerned as a mother hen, and Im much better now. You also get the weirdest rashes here and Im tanning so fast its ridiculous.But you know what? The physical challenges arent even close to being the hardest.
Ive never prayed so hard in my life. And its amazing how much of an actual, literal comfort it can be. When you have the Lord on your side, you really can do all things.
A few other fun things..
We met a lady whose first name, I kid you not, is Leidi Daiana (pronounced Lady Diana). We taught her the first lesson, but all she did was talk about how she couldnt sleep and shes on some heavy controlled meds. Shes pretty fantastic.
Personal space basically doesnt exist. I thought I was Latin and used to it, but Brazilians here take it to a whole notha level. Ive gotten so many sloppy sweaty kisses from old ladies, its the best.
But you know what? Its amazing how it doesnt even matter. Im doing my best to embrace their culture.
My trainer is great, shes very funny, very weird, VERY open, but also very helpful haha.
We had splits this past week too! I went with my STL, Sister Almeida, who lives with us too, and while I was first nervous to basically be out on my own, and I got lost so many times, I actually grew alot frmo it. Im teaching better and Im speaking more. Slowly, but surely. She was also very helpful and shes just hilarious as a person, so that definitely helped!
Ive also tried a bunch of cool new fruit that look like they belong in outer space. Yummy stuff!
And of course the best part, we had a baptism! Her name is Tiane and she´s 10 years old and part of a recent convert family. But shes very sweet. The only problem is she didnt show up on church on Sunday, so she hasnt been confirmed yet! Haha, my trainer was a lot more stresseda bout it than me, but Im just laughing it off. Until next Sunday I guess!
Well thats it for now. Thank you for all your love and encouragement, it means the world!
Sister Sanabria

Week 6, And I am in Teresina!

Well, folks, Im out in the field, in Teresina,here in Brazil. Ba-boom!

My first area is Cidade de Jardim. So, pretty much still in the city of Teresina. Didnt have to move far at all. My trainer is Sister Ferragi. Shes from Sao Paulo, and shes very funny, very weird, very great, and very helpful. I cant really complain! Tender mercy she is.

It is just as sunny, rural, and as hot as they all say it would be. The mantra mission scripture is Job 30:30.. seriously about as true as it gets, haha.
Well, what can I say? Mission is tough stuff, Im not going to lie, this week was super hard. You walk all day in the hot sun, and I could barely understand the people here, their accent is VERY different from the clear CTM vocab and people I had gotten used to. People speak fast, different, and dont have too much education. The culture is way different, you have half naked kids and people everywhere, its pretty great!
Haha, but despite it all, I am enjoying it. The food is great, you get fed a lot, and yes, rice and beans every single meal. Also just about every flavor of fruit juice ever.  The people are also very open, so we get tons of contacts and investigators to keep track of. Its a little intimidating, but Im trying my hardest to learn it all.
Everyone says my Portugese is very good for an American. Which is nice news, but I still cant understand a word that the bishop here says! Haha. Its been a real humbling experience though. I have to really rely on the Lord and the Spirit if Im going to be the missionary that these people require.
We also live with our sister training leaders, Sister Almedia, whos as tall as an Amazon princess and looks like one too, shes from Recife, and Sister Pereira, whos from Sao Paulo. Yep, all Brazilians! My life is Portuguese. Just as expected, haha. But theyre all VERY nice.
Ive been reminded over and over again to have patience. And with myself at that. The mission is going to require so much of me, that its a little overwhelming.
But Ive also never been closer to the Lord. The Spirit IS the comforter. After a terrifying first day, I prayed harder and read the Book of Mormon, and I somehow made it to the end of the day. And I did feel better, and Im a little more confident every day.
Well, folks, I forgot my camera, but maybe I´ll be able to send some pictures later today.
Love you all!
Sister Sanabria